Solids Control Systems

Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies high-performance and reliable Shale Shakers for drilling applications.

Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies customized cost-effective, high-performance and reliable Mud Cleaner for drilling rigs.

Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies high-performance, robust, and reliable Decanter Centrifuge for land and offshore drilling applications.

Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies high-performance, robust, and reliable Desanders and Desilters for drilling rig applications.

Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies high-performance, robust, and reliable Vacuum Degassers for drilling rigs. Degassers remove virtually all entrained gases from drilling mud.

Mud Agitator are widely used in the mud mixing tank to ensure that the mud in the mud tank is stirred evenly. Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies high performance mud agitators for oil well drilling solids control systems and mud cleaning systems.

Sino Mechanical mud separator is the main equipment used to separate gas and liquid from the gas-bearing mud in the well during the drilling process. It is mainly used to separate and safely discharge a large amount of free gas.

Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies high-performance, robust, and reliable Sand Pump for drilling applications. Centrifugal sand pump is mainly supplied to solids control circulating system of oilfiel drill rig.

The Mud tanks system consists of equipment on an open-top container made of steel plate that contributes to the storage, mixing, circulation and purification of drilling fluid on a rig.

Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies high-performance, robust, and reliable mud mixing pump for drilling applications.

Sino Mechanical offers good spray effect, large clean area,simple structure and flexible operation mud gun which is used for mixing drilling mud in the circulatory system and to prevent the mud from precipitating.

Solids control system is also called drilling fluid purification system, mainly used for solids control and solid-liquid separation, so that drilling fluid can be recycled. The system is composed of three to seven composite tanks with four-stage purification equipment, application to oil drilling projects up to 2000-7000m. The system is innovated with composite tanks of taper base and mud agitators at tank borders to prevent solid sedimentation. Besides, mud tanks and mud boxes can be partitioned or combined as needed during drilling process. Each mud tank is connected via pipe networks with one another. Valve of suction pipe is flexible for opening and has good sealing effect when being closed. The entire Solids control system is equipped with 5-stage purification equipment, vibrating screens in supporting equipment, sand and desilter cleaners, vacuum degassers and agitators, etc. The use of new oil drilling solids control system reduces mud discharge and has obvious environmental protection Protective effects.

Sino Mechanical is a famous and reliable supplier of separation equipment, which served more than 60 countries and regions in the world. It has formed a well-known solid control brand at home and abroad. Almost 70% of products was made for export to international market, according to international standard. 

Features of Solid Control System

Petroleum solids control system, also called mud purification system, is mainly to control and separate the solids of petroleum drilling fluid.

1. Easy Installation

Skid-mounted drilling mud solids control system is manufactured and assembled in our factory. There is little installation work required on site and the system can be put into use after interface pipelines and external electrical devices are connected.

2. Convenient Moving

It can be easily moved since all its functional components are integrated on one base.

3. Compact Design and Small Footprint

Skid-mounted drilling mud solids control system has compact equipment structure and occupies less space than that installed traditionally. 

Function of Solid Control System

Solid Control System is used to separate and process cuttings, silt and other particles in drilling fluid. Solid Control System can also maintain drilling fluid performance and store circulating drilling fluid. Equipped with weighted mixing device, priming device and chemical agent filling device. It is used to improve the physical and chemical properties of drilling fluid to meet the needs of drilling work. 

Solid Control System Consist of 

· Shaker Shakers

· Mud Gas Separators

· Vacuum Degasser

· Desander

· Desilters

· Sand pumps

· Shaker Screens

· Mud Agitators

· Mud Guns

· Mud Tanks

· Mud Cleaners

· Waste Centrifuge

· Mixing Hoppers 

Solid Control System Supplier

Sino Mechanical has more than 20 years extensive experiences in the performance, application and cost-effective manufacturing of Solid Control System. We are global Solid Control System manufacturer and drilling equipment supplier. We offer a wide range of drilling equipment. Sino Mechanical is an exclusive supplier of leading Oil and Gas equipment manufacturers and we also provide OEM services. We design, manufacture, and sell Solid Control System for your drilling applications. If you are looking for Solid Control System or Solid Control System components, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We will get back to you within 24 hours.