Sand Pump
Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies high-performance, robust, and reliable Sand Pump for drilling applications. Centrifugal sand pump is mainly supplied to solids control circulating system of oilfiel drill rig.


Overview of Sand Pump

Sand pump is widely used in solids control system to provide drilling liquid with a certain discharge capacity and pressure to desander, desilter and mud cleaner to transfer the drilling mud to the cyclone unit.

Centrifugal sand pump is mainly supplied to solids control circulating system of oilfiel drill rig,and be used to offer drilling fluid with certain volume and pressure to desander,desilter or mixer. It is especially suitable for the drilling engineering with drilling fluid being more density than 2,because of the big inlet and outlet dimension.

They can be used as the feed pump for a desander or desilter, or used as a mixing pump for a Jet mud mixer. They can also be used as a trip pump or supercharging pump for the rig mud pump. Compared with an ordinary pump, our sand pump has advantages of excellent flow, high temperature, long life, easy maintenance, high reliability, significant energy and saving effect. 

The centrifugal sand pump developed by the company through over more than ten years of site applications and improvements is in the domestic advanced level, either in technical performance or in sealing life, and reaches the same level as the similar products abroad. The pump has two types of drive, electro motion and belt drive. The solids contained in drilling fluids request the Sand pump wet contacting parts with excellent wear resistance and high efficiency on flow rate. Based on the material adopted and structure design. New products can be designed and provided according to customers special requirements. 

Features of Sand Pump

1. Pump casing made from hard ductile iron alloy, increased abrasion resistant capability.

2. Pump impeller made from hard ductile iron alloy, extended lifetime.

3. High quality no-adjustment mechanical seal to provide zero leakage and longer operation life.

4. All model centrifugal pumps use tungsten carbide mechanical seals and use bearings from first tier international suppliers.  

5. Spare parts are interchangeable with the commonly used international brand pumps which helps the customer to source spare parts easily.

6. The open impeller design lowers axial thrust loads and make it easier for installation, repair and maintenance. 

Applications of Sand Pump 

1. Drilling applications:

Mud mixing and shearing operations, demanding and delisting, degassing, supercharging, centrifugal feed, mud cooling towers, and wash down.

2. Others

Chemical, petroleum (refining), industrial, construction and agricultural applications. 

Price of Sand Pump

The Sand Pump Price will change randomly with factors such as production cost, transportation cost, international situation, exchange rate, market supply and demand of raw materials. Sino Mechanical aims to provide you with high quality and best price Sand Pump. If you are looking for Sand Pump or Sand Pump spares, please kindly contact us to get the latest Sand Pump price. 

Sand Pump Supplier

Sino Mechanical, as a Sand Pump manufacturer, has more than 20 years extensive experiences in the performance, application and cost-effective manufacturing of Sand Pump. We are global Sand Pump supplier. We offer a wide range of drilling equipment and have Sand Pump for sale. We also provide OEM services. We design, manufacture, and sell Sand Pump for your drilling applications. If you want to know latest Sand Pump price, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


Technical Specifications of Sand Pump

Brand Name: Sino Mechanical

Model Number: SB Series

Flow (m3/h): 35 to 320

Lift (m): 25 to 35

Motor Speed (RPM): 1450RPM (50Hz), 1750RPM (60Hz)

Payment Terms: T/T

Sand Pump

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