Drilling Tools

Sino Mechanical offers line pipe for pipeline used for conveying gas, water, and oil in both and natural gas industries etc. Line pipes are defined as welded or seamless pipes, available with the ends plain, beveled, grooved, cold expanded, flanged, or threaded.

Sino Mechanical offers drill pipes with best price, fast delivery and high quality for your drilling operation. Our drill pipes are suitable for drilling operations in deep wells, horizontal wells, and extended-reach wells in the process of oil and gas exploration and development.

Sino Mechanical's sucker rods are manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure reliable and consistent operation in every oil well application. Our sucker rods are built to last allowing the well to produce at optimal levels for longer.

Tubing and casing are essential tools for oil and gas exploration. Tubing and casing are mainly used for oil and gas well drilling and oil and gas transportation.

Drill collars are thick-walled tubulars that are used at the bottom of the drill string. Sino Mechanical Offers slick drill collars, spiral drill collars, or as per your specific request.

IBOP can be installed in the drill string that acts as a check valve allowing drilling fluid to be circulated down the string but prevents back flow. Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies high-performance, robust, and reliable IBOP for your drilling rig.

Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies a very large of high-performance and reliable hole openers to suit any of your land and offshore oilfields requirements.

Drilling stabilizers can improve penetration rate and effectively control well deviation problems. Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies quality, performance and reliable drilling stabilizers for drilling applications.

Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies high-performance, robust, and reliable Heavy Weight Drill Pipes for drilling applications. In the drilling process, HWDP is a transition from a flexible drill pipe to a rigid drill collar.

Sino Mechanical is specialized in designing and manufacturing high-performance, robust, and reliable Downhole Motors for Directional Drilling.

Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies high-performance, robust, and reliable Measurement While Drilling(MWD) for drilling applications.

Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies high-performance, robust, and reliable Square Kelly and Hexagonal Kellys for drilling applications.

Drill tools are used for gas, oil, water, mining well drilling operations. Oil drilling tools are an important part of oil and natural gas drilling equipment. Oil drilling tools are an important part of oil special pipes. Oil drilling tools include drill collars, drill pipes, drilling stabilizers, HWDP etc. Drill pipe and drill collars are the two most important petroleum drilling tool products.

Sino Mechanical has all ranges of drilling tools for onshore and offshore drilling operations. From the selection and acquisition of drilling tools into adapt drilling operations, our company is constantly developing new models of drilling tools. 

Features of Drilling Tools

1. All drilling tools are made of high-quality seamless steel pipes with excellent physical and mechanical properties to withstand the alternating load, fatigue and wear of the drilling tool itself during the drilling process.

2. Drilling tools are mostly made of high-quality alloy steel or low-alloy steel, and are properly heat-treated to improve their performance.

3. Improve drilling efficiency. 

Drilling Tools Consist of 

Drill Pipes

Drill Collars

Line Pipes

Sucker Rods

Tubing and Casing


Hole Openers

Drilling Stabilizers

Heavy Weight Drill Pipes

Downhole Motors

Measurement While Drilling

Square and Hexagonal Kellys

Casing Scrapers

Milling Shoes and Milling tools 

Drilling Tools Supplier

Sino Mechanical has more than 20 years extensive experiences in the performance, application and cost-effective manufacturing of Drilling Tools. We are global Drilling Tools manufacturer and drilling equipment supplier. We offer a wide range of drilling equipment. Sino Mechanical is an exclusive supplier of leading Oil and Gas equipment manufacturers and we also provide OEM services. We design, manufacture, and sell Drilling Tools for your drilling applications. If you are looking for Drilling Tools, don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We will get back to you within 24 hours.