Sino Mechanical

Rig Equipment and Oil Refinery Equipment

Leading manufacturer and supplier of rig equipment, drilling tools, oil refinery equipment, pressure control equipment, solid control systems for energy companies.

Sino Mechanical

Sino Mechanical Rig Equipment

Serve quality workover rigs, drilling rigs, annular BOP, ram BOP, drilling mud pumps, drill pipes, drill collars, sand pumps, mud tanks and other drilling rig components.

Sino Mechanical

Sino Mechanical Oil Refinery Equipment

High quality and best price centrifugal pumps, screw pumps, shell and tube heat exchangers, oil gas separators, hydraulic power units and hydraulic cylinders for your oil refinery.

[20 Years Experience in Petroleum Equipments Manufacturing]

Provide Quality Rig Equipment
and Oil Refinery Equipment to Oil and Gas Industry.

Professional manufacturer and supplier of rig equipment, drilling tools, oil refinery equipment, pressure control equipment and solids control equipment to Drilling Contractors, Rental Tool Companies and Oil Refinery. Our products include but are not limited to workover rigs, drilling rigs, drilling mud pumps, diesel engines, generator sets, power tongs, line pipes, sucker rods, tubing and casing, pumps, annular BOP, ram BOP, BOP control systems, mud tanks and shale shakers. After more than 20 years, Sino Mechanical’s vision of providing quality equipment and parts to all sectors of the energy industry to international markets became a reality.
[Oilfield Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier]

Featured Drilling Equipment and Refinery Equipment

  • Buy high quality Workover rigs from Sino Mechanical. We have in stock Workover Rigs for sale for both onshore as well as offshore Workover purposes at affordable prices. Contact us to get the latest price.

  • A reciprocating pump is a mechanical device that converts hydraulic energy from mechanical energy to fluid. Sino Mechanical's reciprocating pump has simple structure, good sealing, long service life and competitive price.

  • Sino Mechanical have high effective Shell and tube heat exchangers. Our shell and tube heat exchangers are used in many comfort and industry applications for heating and cooling fluids.

  • Drilling mud pumps are dedicated to drilling operations. Sino Mechanical manufactures and supplies high-performance, robust, and reliable Triplex Mud Pumps for land and offshore drilling applications.

  • Tubing and casing are essential tools for oil and gas exploration. Tubing and casing are mainly used for oil and gas well drilling and oil and gas transportation.

  • The blowout preventer unit is a new generation of well control equipment developed by our company, which can meet the well control process requirements of high pressure oil and gas drilling.

    [Why go with Sino Mechanical?]


    Sino Mechanical has been delivering upstream and midstream oil solutions to the international market. Our main priority is to add value to our customers' lives and to manufacture the best possible oilfield equipment for the market.

    Sino Mechanical is consistently raising the bar when it comes to offering the finest drilling equipment and oil refinery equipment available to the market. We want our customers to have long-term success, which is why we continually innovate each product we have.

    Delivery when it matters most. When an issue arises downhole or oil refinery you won't lose any time with our rapid response time and expedited service. You can count on Sino Mechanical for quality service and shorter lead times, every time.

    Our goals are to be Leading manufacturer and distributor of hard to find oilfield equipment for energy companies and to locate the right equipment for your drilling project and oil refinery.