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How to choose an air winch

What is Air winch?

The Air winch is a single-drum manual winch driven by a air motor. The Air winch uses air as the power source, and drives the drum to run through the piston air motor and the reduction mechanism of two sets of internal and external gear transmission pairs to achieve the purpose of winding. When the winch is running, the gauge pressure of the air inlet pipe is maintained at 0.6-0.7 MPa. Its main structures include air motors, gearboxes, rollers and brakes. 

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Applications of Air winch.

Air winches are ideal for construction, offshore and marine applications. Suitable for operations in potentially explosive, high temperature, and humid environments, such as drill floors, pipeline platforms, drilling rig BOP platforms, etc. 

The Air winch is mainly used for hauling in mining areas in oil fields, metal mines, coal mines, construction engineering and other departments. Because the Air winch has the characteristics of small size, light weight, adjustable speed, convenient transportation, and quick installation, it is more suitable for  operations in mining areas, such as scheduling at the loading station of drilling wells and working surfaces, hauling mine cars, and working in narrow tunnels underground. Lift and pull heavy objects such as tools and instruments.

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Features of Air winch. 

 1.Air winches are available with optional features such as remote control pendants, drum guards, aviation accessories, building fixtures, etc. These winches are specially designed to work in harsh environments and feature low maintenance costs, high reliability of the gear motor, high torque output, and smooth start and stop. Air winches  are tested before leaving the factory and installation and commissioning options are provided as needed. 

2.Air winches are powered by compressed air rather than electricity, which can avoid electric sparks during use. Air is delivered from the air compressor through the air duct to the motor driver of the Air winch. When started, the motor driving the Air winch will begin to provide power to the cable drum and effectively lift or lower the connected load.

3.The air motor used in the winch has a certain self-locking function. When the operating handle returns to the neutral position, the intake chamber and exhaust chamber are closed. At this time, the winch is in a lifting state and the heavy object can be reliably stationary. 

4.The winch also has a self-locking function, so there will be no running in the event of a sudden gas failure. 

5.The operating handle can realize stepless speed control of the winch. The pneumatic motor has low speed, large torque, easy installation, easy movement, and convenient and simple operation. 

6.The winch can be directly installed and used on mining working surfaces with compressed air systems. 

7.The Air winch is small in size, light in weight, large in traction, energy-saving, environmentally friendly and pollution-free, which is conducive to improving the underground working environment. 

8.The operation is simple and only requires simple front and rear control, which reduces the labor intensity of workers. 

Precautions for the using of air winch:

The compressed air supplied must be clean and dry. Generally used compressed air often contains a certain amount of moisture and dust. When the Air winch is running, these impurities tend to condense and adhere, or accumulate on the air duct of the pneumatic starter motor, the inner wall of the cylinder and the surface of other parts, making the parts prone to rust and wear, or causing the winch to run slowly and have insufficient traction. In this case, the Air winch should be taken out of work immediately, folded and cleaned before use.

Especially in winter, water vapor often condenses into ice on the exhaust pipe, and the pipe is blocked to a certain extent, causing the winch to run slowly, reduce power, and even fail to work properly. In order to avoid the above adverse consequences, it is recommended to install condensation filtration equipment on the input gas pipeline without affecting the gas pressure to ensure that the input gas is clean and dry. If a layer of oil mist can be added to the input air pipe, it will be more beneficial to the lubrication of the Air winch.

It is very important to refuel the pneumatic starter motor frequently to ensure that the lubricating oil in the crankcase is at a certain oil level and that there is sufficient lubricating oil in the gear box.  

How to maintain the winches daily? 

1. Check whether there is any oil stain on the working surface of the Air winch brake disc and brake shoe. If there are oil stains, clean them. Otherwise, the friction coefficient of the brake disc and brake shoe will drop sharply due to oil contamination, which will affect the braking torque and cause serious equipment and personal accidents, so you should pay more attention to it. 

2.The lubricating oil should be kept clean and replaced at least every six months. When the engine oil contains a lot of foam and sediment, it should be replaced immediately. 

3. Regularly check the use of the Air winch reducer. If you find that the reducer has abnormal sound and vibration, the temperature rises, and pitting corrosion or large-scale scratches gradually appear on the tooth surface, you should stop for inspection and treatment in time. In this way, the winch manufacturer's equipment can be improved to extend its service life. 

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