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Sino Mechanical liquid-gas separators ship to European customers

Sino Mechanical Equipment has completed the production inspection and commissioning of the liquid-gas separators and is preparing to ship them to European drilling customers.

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The liquid-gas separator is a special equipment for primary degassing of gas-intruded drilling fluids. It is a very useful mud gas separator. The liquid-gas separator can be divided into normal pressure and pressure automatic control types according to pressure. The gas-intruded drilling fluid enters the separator tangentially from the separator inlet, falls along the inner wall on a series of specially designed inner baffles, collides, increases the exposed surface area, and flows downward to create a turbulent flow state, causing the gas to mix with the drilling fluid. separation. The free gas is discharged through the gas outlet on the top of the tank. The length of the exhaust pipe is determined and equipped on site and led to a safe place, while the degassed drilling fluid is discharged into the circulation tank. With high separation efficiency and low failure rate, it is a very reliable and vital safety equipment.  liquid-gas separator factory     

Sino Mechanical Equipment liquid-gas separator features and advantages:

1. The liquid-gas separator uses bottom drainage to control the level of the working liquid to ensure a constant liquid level in the separator. It is not easy to accumulate sand in the tank and is easy to clean. Replaceable resistant pumps are installed at each corner of the liquid supply pipe. The impact flange should be replaced regularly according to wear and tear to extend the service life of the equipment.

2. The liquid-gas separator tank is equipped with a special channel for gas separation, which allows smooth gas evacuation and improves the gas treatment effect.

3. The liquid-gas separator adopts a combination of centrifugal separation, physical impact separation, vacuum separation and other separation technologies to ensure the gas separation effect.

4. Each corner of the liquid supply pipe of the liquid-gas separator is equipped with a buffer device and a replaceable impact-resistant baffle, which can be inspected and replaced regularly according to wear and tear, extending the service life of the equipment.

5. Liquid-gas separator The anti-sulfur type liquid-gas separator is made and processed entirely with special materials, which can completely prevent damage to the equipment by hydrogen sulfide gas in the gas and extend the service life.

6. Different structures such as fixed, lifting, folding, etc. can be customized according to the customer's site conditions.

7. Safety valves and pressure gauges are all from well-known brands, which greatly improves the safety and reliability of the equipment.

8. Liquid inlet pipelines can be provided with API-6A and API16C certified liquid inlet pipelines according to user requirements.liquid-gas separator for sale


When the liquid-gas separator is not in use, drain the drilling fluid in the equipment and flush it with water. It is strictly forbidden to store the mud inside the separator to prevent it from being used normally after it dries and solidifies.


Generally, the liquid-gas separator is installed on the ground beside the mud tank. The ground needs to be level and solid, and pits for anchor bolts are pre-set.

During installation, use a crane to lift the lifting lugs on the top of the main body vertically to the ground, slowly lower it, and then use steel wire ropes to tighten with the ground from three places (evenly distributed) on the upper part of the main body to ensure that the main body is vertical to the ground. Pour the anchor bolts and tighten them. .

After installation, connect the slurry inlet to the rotating blowout preventer or throttling manifold, close the drain butterfly valve, open the slurry outlet butterfly valve, and connect the pipeline to the mud tank.

When transporting, dismantle the manifold, loosen the tight wire rope, hoist the top of the main body with a crane, loosen the anchor bolts and place it horizontally. The ladder at this time can be used as a transport bracket.

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Sino Mechanical Equipment is a professional liquid-gas separator manufacturer that provides various types of liquid-gas separation equipment and other solid control equipment,such as:Sand Pump, Mud tanks systemmixing pump, mud gun,etc. It is committed to developing and providing high-quality oil drilling equipment to meet the changing needs of customers and contribute more to the development of the petroleum industry.

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