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Sino Mechanical Shale Shakers ship to European customers

Sino Mechanical Equipment has completed the production inspection and commissioning of two drilling fluid Shale Shakers and is preparing to ship them to European drilling customers.

Shale Shakers provider

 As a global supplier of drilling equipment, Sino Mechanical has successfully delivered a batch of specialized petroleum equipment, including  Shale Shakers ,  Mud Cleaners, Decanter CentrifugesDesanders and Desilters, Solids Control Systems and more.

The European customer has purchased our company's products many times and establish a reliable cooperative relationship with us after long-term use.

Shale Shakers supplier

Sino Mechanical Equipment's drilling fluid Shale Shakers has stable solid-liquid separation capabilities and reliable use results during drilling operations. Sino Mechanical Equipment can design and produce different drilling fluid Shale Shakers according to different models of customer drilling rigs, such as linear motion drilling fluid Shale Shakers,Dual motion drilling fluid  Shale Shakers, variable motion drilling fluid Shale Shakers, etc. can be made into single  Shale Shakers, double Shale Shakers or triple Shale Shakers, and can also be made into single layer or double layer Shale Shakers to meet the different requirements of customers. 

Sino Mechanical Equipment's drilling fluid  Shale Shakers has the following advantages:

1. Efficient solid-liquid separation capability.

2. All-round splash-proof design.

3. Screen is easy to replace

4. Reliable service life

5. Features such as low maintenance costs, low operating costs, and energy saving. 

Shale Shakers manufacturer

The mud  Shale Shakers is the first-level screening equipment in the drilling fluid circulation system (drilling solids control system). The drilling fluid returns from the drill pipe and enters the logging tank or mud distributor at the rear end of the Shale Shakers. It enters the mud  Shale Shakers and starts filtering. Separate large particles in drilling fluid to achieve first-level screening.

The types of mud Shale Shakers vary according to different classification standards. Common types include the following:

1. According to the working principle of the mud  Shale Shakers, the mud Shale Shakers can be divided into: linear Shale Shakers and elliptical  Shale Shakers. Straight line This is so named because when the Shale Shakers screens mud, the trajectory of the particles in the mud running on the Shale Shakers screen is straight forward. At present, the mud Shale Shakers in drilling solid control systems are basically linear Shale Shakers. Oval Shale Shakers are now rare.

2. According to the different industries in which mud Shale Shakers are used, mud Shale Shakers can be divided into: Shale Shakers for drilling fluids, Shale Shakers for mining, etc. Drilling fluid Shale Shakers are used in the field of solids control in petroleum drilling. The size of the  Shale Shakers is much smaller than that of the mining screen. The separation accuracy is higher. The  Shale Shakers used in mining is relatively large in size and has low screening accuracy.

3. According to the excitation force of the mud Shale Shakers, the mud Shale Shakers can be divided into: large mud Shale Shakers and small mud Shale Shakers. In view of the different mud treatment needs of different industries, the design of the Shale Shakers can achieve the screening accuracy and effect of the Shale Shakers by increasing the excitation force of the Shale Shakers. Large Shale Shakers are generally equipped with high-excitation force motors. The size of the screen is relatively large, the screening processing capacity is larger, and the screening effect is better. Suitable for oilfield solids control and some mining industries. Small Shale Shakers are often small in size and have low power of excitation motors, and are commonly used in some small-scale sludge dewatering fields.

4. According to the different structures of the Shale Shakers, the mud Shale Shakers can be divided into: multi-layer Shale Shakers and single-layer Shale Shakers, double Shale Shakers and triple Shale Shakers. Compared with the traditional single-layer mud Shale Shakers, the multi-layer Shale Shakers is a new type of mud Shale Shakers in recent years. Its screen box structure is much higher than that of the traditional Shale Shakers. It is equipped with double or three-layer screens inside and has high-power Vibrating motor and a set of multi-layer Shale Shakers can achieve multiple separations of mud, making one machine multi-purpose. It is the type of  Shale Shakers currently used in new drilling solids control systems.

Sino Mechanical Equipment will continue to be committed to developing and providing high-quality solids control equipment to meet the changing needs of customers and contribute more to the development of the petroleum industry.

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