Oil Gas Separators
An oil gas separator is a pressure vessel used for separating a well stream into gaseous and liquid components.


Overview of Oil Gas Separators

An oil and gas separator is a vertical or horizontal pressure vessel commonly used for separating fluids extracted from a well into liquid and gaseous phases.The separators can be installed in either an onshore processing facility or on an offshore platform.Separator engineering comprises of vessel selection, design, customization, and other activities. The separator is also known as a knockout vessel, trap, degasser, scrubber, and stage separator. Based on their functions, it can be of many types such as a well test separator, coalescing filter separator, and more. It is usually manufactured as a two-phase or three-phase separator.

The oil and gas separator is a device that separates the crude oil produced by the oil well from the associated natural gas. The oil and gas separator is placed between the submersible centrifugal pump and the protector to separate the free gas in the well fluid from the well fluid, the liquid is sent to the submersible centrifugal pump, and the gas is released into the annular space of the tubing and casing.

The separators can be installed in either an onshore processing facility or on an offshore platform. Separators are also used in numerous applications including gasoline facilities, upstream and downstream of compressors, and liquid traps in gas transmission lines. They can also be found on dehydration unit intakes, gas sweetening units, and various other types of desiccant-filled equipment. 

Features of Oil Gas Separators

1. Primary separation section or device.

2. Secondary or gravity settling section.

3. A mist extraction device to separate liquid droplets from the gas.

4. A gas outlet.

5. A liquid separating segment to separate vapour or gas from oil as well as to remove water from oil when required.

6. Oil outlet.

7. Water outlet in a three-phase unit 

Oil Gas Separators Types

Oil and Gas separators are classified as two-phase and three-phase separators.

1. Two-phase separators handle oil and gas

Two stage separators, also known as double effect vessels, use two separators connected in series. The first vessel separates the liquid from the vapors coming from the previous vessel, and these liquids are used to strip the second stage. These types of vessels have a separate vapor line at a higher elevation than that of a single-stage unit to provide an area for the purge vapors.

2. Three-phase separators handle oil, gas, and water

Three-phase separators use a rapid vertical stripping action to recover the gas components from a complex mixture of gases, vapors, liquids, and solids. The three-phase separator consists of two vertically arranged chambers separated by an annular area, in which are mounted radial vanes.

A high velocity stream of steam is passed through the radial vanes for jet entrainment in the chamber below. Stripped crude oil collects in the lower chamber, while gas enters through open slots in the upper chamber.

This type of separator is best used in conjunction with a vessel that contains only gas or only liquid, so that the 3-phase separator can fully separate all three fluids. When this type of vessel is connected between two 2-phase vessels, it typically serves as an oil/water/solids separation device, with little stripping occurring at high velocities. 

Applications of Oil Gas Separators 

Oil Gas Separators are used to separate the elements that flow into them. As the gas, oil, and water enter the separator, they hit an inlet diverter and begin to separate. Because these elements have different specific gravities, the separation process will continue at a gradual pace as long as they sit in the vessel. 

Price of Oil Gas Separators

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Oil Gas Separators Supplier

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Product Type:Test Separator, Free Water Knockout (FWKO), Production separator, gas purified separator, gas dehydration separator

Formation: two phase, three phase, vertical and horizontal

Product size:According to the application conditions and customer’s requirements, customized fabrication

Material: Carbon steel, Carbon steel+ stainless steel, Carbon steel+ Nickel base alloy

Delivery status:Single unit or Skid Module


Stable, High-efficiency, Energy saving, Eco-friendly

100% degas ≥150μm solid

Water content in oil≤10-30%

Oil in water≤150ppm

Three-Phase Test Separator

Three-Phase Test Separator is a pressurized vessel designed to efficiently separate well effluent into oil, gas and water to enable to measure effluent components individually and take pressurized oil and gas samples.

Three-Phase Test Separator is a self-contained modular unit containing the valves and pneumatic controllers needed to regulate the vessel pressure and fluid levels.

Applications of Three-Phase Test Separator

Well cleanups

Production/well testing

Early-production facilities

Features of Three-Phase Test Separator

Fitted with deflector plate, coalescing plates, foam and vortex breaker, weir plate, and mist extractor to ensure efficient separation.

urbine flow-meter and Senior Orifice Fitting are utilized to ensure accurate measurement.

Preset safety relief valves and anti-explosion device are equipped to protect from overpressure.

Conforms to all industry standards related to vessel, piping, valves and service

Available in multiple configurations, sizes, pressure rating to meet customer requirements.

Bypass access allowance for maintenance, repairs and replacements without stop production going.

Skid mounted for easy transport.

Design consideration for H2S Corrosion allowance for prolonging vessel lifetime.

Low maintenance design.


Cost-effective good option.

Free Water Knockout (FWKO)

Free water knockout(FWKO) vessels are horizontal or vertical vessels designed to separate liquids of different densities (typically oil and water). They can only be used on streams where the fluids exists separable and not as emulsion. FWKO vessels are used in conjunction with other equipment in order to achieve desirable results.

The degree of separation achieved depends on:

-Retention time

-Density difference between various fluids

-Temperature of flowing fluids

Oil and Gas Production Separator

High efficiency oil and gas production separator is customized according to composites of well effluent, level controls and pressure controls are necessary, sometimes, cyclonic inlet device is added in order to eliminate foam.

Application of Oil and Gas Production Separator

onshore and offshore oil production and gas production.

Feature of Oil and Gas Production Separator

Liquid droplet in gas<100 micron

Water droplet in oil<500 micron

Installed with deflector plate, coalescing plates, foam and vortex breaker, weir plate, and mist extractor.

Sand-jet line for fast cleaning

Sampling points for all phases

Two relief valves to protect from overpressure

Conform to API Spec. 12J, ASME VIII, Div.1 or PED, NACE MR 0175.

As per DNV 2.7.3 In case of offshore operation

Oil Gas Separators

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