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Sino Mechanical solid control equipment Mud Cleaner installation, commissioning and maintenance rules

Mud Cleaners Introduction

Sino Mechanical solid control equipment Mud Cleaner is designed based on the particle sedimentation principle. Its separation medium drilling fluid generates a certain pressure and speed through the sand pump, and spirals into the inner wall of the cyclone. The coarser particles spirally sink along the inner wall of the cyclone under the action of centrifugal force and gravity, and are discharged from the bottom flow port, falling on the fine mesh vibrating screen below for separation, and the remaining media spirally rise along the cyclone. 

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Sino Mechanical solid control equipment Mud Cleaners installation and commissioning: 

1. Mud Cleaner should be installed after the desander, that is, the tail of the No. 2 tank, and the base must be placed stably. 

2. The connecting pipelines between the inlet and outlet of Mud Cleaner and other equipment use hose lines, and the length and bends should be minimized as much as possible. 

3. The tension of the screen should be appropriate, and the screen should be flat and wrinkle-free after tensioning. 

Maintenance and care of Sino Mechanical solid control equipment Mud Cleaners:

1. Before using a newly purchased mud cleaner for the first time or after moving, the locking bolts of the screen box must be removed.

2. When the cyclone is not used for a long time, it must be cleaned with clean water to prevent dry sand from accumulating in the cyclone.

3. Grease the vibration motor every 1500-2500 hours, and the amount of oil added to each bearing is 5-10ml.

4. The screen should be cleaned after shutdown to prevent the mud from drying and being unable to be used next time.

Maintenance of Sino Mechanical solid control equipment Mud Cleaners on the day of use:

1. Check whether the inlet pressure meets the requirements, ensure that the small holes are clean, and make appropriate adjustments.

2. Lubricate the packing of the sand removal pump and mud removal pump.

3. Check the inner surface wear of the wear-resistant rubber cone bushing.

Maintenance of Sino Mechanical solid control equipment Mud Cleaners after 100 days of use: Grease the backrest wheel.

Maintenance of Sino Mechanical Mud Cleaners after two years of use:

1. Check the impeller, casing and water supply and discharge butterfly valves of the sand pump. Replace the impeller, casing or butterfly valve rubber and the butterfly valve assembly if necessary.

2. Disassemble and inspect the bearings and seals of the sand pump and replace them if necessary.

3. Check the cone bushing and components of the hydrocyclone and replace them if necessary.

Supplier of Mud Cleaners

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