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China's First Batch of 6.625-inch High-Performance Drill Pipes for 10,000-Meter Ultra-Deep Wells

China has achieved a groundbreaking milestone with the successful development of its first batch of high-performance drill pipes, meticulously designed for ultra-deep wells reaching depths of 10,000 meters. Following rigorous testing protocols, these drill pipes have not only met but surpassed all design requirements, marking a noteworthy stride in the research and development of large-scale, high-strength drill pipes tailored for ultra-deep wells in China.

First Batch of 6

The project leader highlights that these drill pipes are meticulously crafted for exploration wells with depths of 10,000 meters. In comparison to conventional petroleum drill pipes, the 6.625-inch 10,000-Meter Ultra-Deep Well High-Performance Drill Pipes showcase superior overall tensile strength and mechanical performance. This accomplishment signifies a significant leap forward in the development of an advanced series of products designed for large-scale, high-strength ultra-deep well drill pipes within China.


Expressing confidence in the future of Chinese drill pipes, the project leader underscores the transformative nature of this new series of high-performance drill pipes, positioning it as a key advancement in the industry. Sino Mechanical, a leading high-quality drill pipe supplier, is unwavering in its commitment to staying at the forefront of market demands. Our company is dedicated to delivering products and services that align seamlessly with the evolving needs of users.

Looking ahead, the future trajectory of the Chinese drilling industry is anticipated to witness comprehensive development and strategic trends. These trends include a strong emphasis on technological upgrades and innovations, a shift towards deepwater and ultra-deepwater exploration, increased focus on green and sustainable practices, active participation in international collaboration, exploration of diversified development opportunities, and a heightened focus on talent development to meet emerging challenges and technologies. Through continuous innovation and adaptation to market demands, the Chinese drilling industry is poised for a sustainable, efficient, and green future.

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