Hydraulic Power Tongs
The Sino Mechanical of Power Tongs are used on drilling rigs to screw and unscrew tubing or casing to a specific torque. We stock hard to find tubing and casing power tongs.


Overview of Power Tongs

Power tongs are an essential tool in the drilling industry and are used to make up, break out, apply torque and to grip the tubular components.

Hydraulic power tongs, also known as power tongs, hydraulic tongs, are divided into two parts: upper hydraulic power tongs and lower hydraulic power tongs. The lower hydraulic power tongs only clamp the lower pipe body or joints, and the upper hydraulic power tongs can clamp the upper pipe body or joints. It can replace ordinary tongs and rope twisters to complete the unscrewing operation, which is safe and reduces physical labor.

The working principle of the hydraulic power tong is to transmit the power of the workover rig to the hydraulic motor of the hydraulic power tong through the stroke reducer, and then through the two-stage or one-stage deceleration, so that the open gear of the tong head rotates to generate two high and low speeds, thereby driving The pipe (drill) rotates. When the open gear rotates, the plate frame does not rotate under the braking action of the brake hammer, so that there is a relative movement between the open gear and the palate plate frame. In this way, the two rollers of the palate will climb on the slope, and force the jaws on the crotch to move to the center of the pipe (drill) until the pipe (drill) is gripped, and then with the cotter gear Drive the pipe (drilling tool) to rotate together.

Features of Power Tongs

Power tong features high-efficiency, safety, reliability, labor saving, and ensures connection quality. Tong head is designed as open type and equipped with advanced swing-type double jaw assembly, which can secure reliable clamping.

1. The structure of the clamp head is open type, it is quick and convenient to enter and exit the working position, and the strength and rigidity of the integral clamp head are good.

2. The main tong is a roller climbing two-jaw plate structure, which is very convenient to disassemble and assemble. The optimal cut-to-diameter ratio design ensures reliable clamping. Hoop, simple structure, reliable clamping.

3. Four-speed speed is adopted, with wide speed range and large rated torque.

4. Band braking mode, large braking torque, simple operation, easy maintenance and replacement.

5. The safety door interlock device is adopted, the tong head cannot operate when the safety door is opened, which is safe and reliable.

6. The supporting structure of the open large gear greatly improves the strength and rigidity of the open large gear.

7. The shell is made of high-strength steel plate, and the overall strength is good. Each jaw plate adopts precision casting or forging process, which has beautiful appearance and high strength.

8. The overall frame structure of the main and backup tongs, the floating connection of the backup tongs, and the large adjustable distance of the main and backup tongs reduce the damage to the pipe string caused by make-up and breakout.

9. Equipped with a hydraulic torque indicator and an installation interface for a turn torque meter, it is convenient for computer management.

10. The hydraulic power tongs can be used horizontally and used to shackle the thread of buried pipelines. after removing the base, fixed seat and rear support, they can also be used vertically in the direction of rotation, used for unloading various oil pipes and casings in oil fields and well sites Tube.

Applications of Power Tongs 

1. On and off drill pipe or string threading

2. Tripping

3. Drill tool throwing (operating at the mouth of the mouse hole)

4. Unloading Kelly joint

5. Movable drilling tools

Price of Power Tongs

The Power Tongs Price will change randomly with factors such as production cost, transportation cost, international situation, exchange rate, market supply and demand of raw materials. Sino Mechanical aims to provide you with high quality and best price Power Tongs and Power Tongs Dies. If you are looking for Power Tongs or Power Tongs parts, please kindly contact us to get the latest Power Tongs price.

Power Tongs Supplier

Sino Mechanical, as a Power Tongs manufacturer, has more than 20 years extensive experiences in the performance, application and cost-effective manufacturing of Power Tongs. We are global Power Tongs supplier. We offer a wide range of drilling equipment and have Power Tongs for sale. We also provide OEM services. We design, manufacture, and sell Power Tongs for your drilling applications. If you want to know latest Power Tongs price , don’t hesitate to contact us anytime. We will get back to you within 24 hours.


Technical Specifications of Power Tongs

XQ140/12Y hydraulic power tong

 Applicable range:2-3/8"~5-1/2"

XQ140/12Y hydraulic power tong

Applicable range:2-3/8"~5-1/2"



Rated pressure:1750psi

Max flow:32gpm

XQ114/6YBhydraulic power tong

XQ114/6YB hydraulic power tong

Applicable range:2-3/8"~4-1/2"

Applicable range:2-3/8"~4-1/2"



Rated pressure:1595psi

Max flow:26gpm

XQ89/3YChydraulic power tong,

XQ89/3YC hydraulic power tong

Applicable range:2-3/8"~3-1/2"

Applicable range:2-3/8"~3-1/2",



Rated pressure:1450psi,

Max flow:21gpm

Hydraulic Power Tongs

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