Explosion-proof air conditioners
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Overview of Air Explosion-proof air conditioners

Explosion-proof air conditioners are a type of explosion-proof electrical appliances. The appearance of explosion-proof air conditioners is very similar to ordinary air conditioners, and even the operating principles are basically the same. However, explosion-proof air conditioners have stricter market access standards than ordinary air conditioners. It is an explosion-proof electrical appliance developed on the basis of ordinary air conditioners. It is mainly used in flammable and explosive applications such as petroleum, chemical industry, military, oil depots, and offshore oil platforms. Cooling and heating of the environment.

The explosion-proof air conditioning system is composed of four basic parts: compressor, condenser, throttling device, and evaporator. The four major parts are connected in a certain order by copper pipes to form a closed system, and a certain amount of refrigerant is filled in the system.

Explosion-proof air conditioning signs usually consist of five parts:

1. Explosion-proof mark EX for air conditioners - This mark indicates that this air conditioning equipment is explosion-proof electrical equipment;

2. Structural form of explosion-proof air conditioner - This mark indicates which explosion-proof form is used in this explosion-proof air conditioner, for example, d is explosion-proof type, p is positive pressure type, i is intrinsically safe type, etc.;

3. Categories of explosion-proof air conditioning equipment - divided into two categories, I is electrical equipment for underground coal mines, and II is electrical equipment for factories;

4. Classification of explosion-proof air conditioners - divided into three levels: A, B, and C, indicating the strength of its explosion-proof capabilities;

5. Explosion-proof air conditioner temperature groups - divided into six groups from T1 to T6, indicating the maximum allowable surface temperature of the equipment.

For example: The explosion-proof mark of an explosion-proof air conditioner is EXdIIBT4, so what does this mark represent?

EX——General mark of explosion-proof air conditioner;

d——Structural form, flameproof type;

II——Category, for factory use;

B——Explosion-proof air conditioning level, B level

T4——Temperature group, T4 group, maximum surface temperature ≤135℃.

Classification of explosion-proof air conditioners

1. Window type explosion-proof air conditioner

It occupies a small area and is suitable for places limited by space or conditions. The design without an external unit is more refined than a hanging air conditioner. In addition, the window air conditioner has a relatively better refrigeration sealing effect because it is not restricted by the external unit. In this way, the refrigerant will basically not leak, so the failure rate is relatively low. But the bigger disadvantage is the loud noise.

2. Hanging explosion-proof air conditioner

Compared with window air conditioners, the first thing that hanging air conditioners bring to people is comfort. They are quiet and convenient during use, and they are divided into indoor and outdoor units and almost no noise can be felt during indoor use. Moreover, after the air conditioner is started, due to the relatively high hanging position, the air sweeping mode can be switched up, down, left, and right at will, while maintaining a relative distance from the user.

3. Cabinet type explosion-proof air conditioner

Cabinet air conditioners are much more powerful than the first two air conditioners and can easily achieve large-scale air supply. Moreover, due to their greater power, they can cool down more quickly.

Features of Explosion-proof air conditioners:

1. The product has passed the inspection of the National Explosion-proof Quality Supervision Center, and the complete machine and explosion-proof parts have obtained the national explosion-proof certificate and explosion-proof production license;

2. The product control box and all electrical components are treated with composite explosion-proof technologies such as explosion-proof, cast-sealed, intrinsically safe, non-sparking, and increased safety to ensure safe and reliable use of the product.

3. The fan blades are treated with anti-static treatment to avoid possible accidental explosions caused by static electricity generated during the operation of the fan blades;

4. Microcomputer control, temperature and air volume are adjustable;

5. This air conditioner is specially developed for explosion-proof places and has stable and reliable quality;

6. The controller adopts an intrinsically safe circuit mainboard and eliminates the external safety barrier structure, making the product safer and more reliable.

Applications of Explosion-proof air conditioners

1. Petrochemical industry: such as oil procurement sites, drilling platforms, and refineries;

2. Chemical industry, pharmaceutical industry, production workshop;

3. Oil and gas storage: oil terminals, gas stations, oil or gas warehouses;

4. National defense, steel, and toy industries.

Price of Explosion-proof air conditioners

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Explosion-proof air conditioners Supplier

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Explosion-proof air conditioners

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